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  • STRESS is characterised with the presence of emotional and behavioural symptoms in response to an identifiable stressor trigger. The stressor may be a single event (e.g., a termination of romantic relationship), or there may be multiple stressors (e.g., marked business difficulties and marital problems). Stressors may affect a single individual, an entire family or larger group or community (e.g. natural disaster). Some stressors may accompany specific developmental events (e.g. going to school, leaving a parental home, getting married, becoming a parent, retirement). Stress may be associated with an increase risk of suicide attempts and completed suicide. ​ Individuals from disadvantaged life circumstances experience a high rate of stressors. ​ The context of the individual's cultural setting should be taken into account in making the clinical judgement of whatever the individual's response to the stressor is maladaptive or whether the associated distress is in excess of what would be expected. ​ The subjective distress or impairment in functioning is frequently manifested as decreased performance at work or school and temporary changes in social relationships. It may lead to significant impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.

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